Smart People and Asset Tracking

Construction site activities involve various participants including owners, contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, vendors, and many more. Depending on the size of a project, some large construction projects deal with a large volume of materials and a high number of personnel. Getting to know the location of workers, equipment/asset, and materials would create great value for various construction activities. This especially includes safety management, asset management, human management, payroll management, etc.

Sitearound IoT Platform

Sitearound can be integrated with many indoor tracking solutions. Sitearound’s available applications include labor check-in/check-out, zone management, people counting, and tagging a location in a construction site. The integrations will help deliver more insightful information and boost efficiency and decision-making in construction management.

Workflow Automation

Construction managers are overwhelmed with numerous responsibilities. Many keep their schedules and to-do lists in their head. Others have a wallet stuffed with paper receipts or use “fill-in-the-blank” copies of contracts and work orders. There are also many forms that managers need to complete or approve regularly. Automating the repetitive and tedious tasks improves efficiency and reduces human error. 

Workflow automation allows construction managers to complete projects quicker. This is essential as deadlines have to be met for each day behind schedule increases expenses. The necessity for automating these responsibilities become more apparent when considering large complex projects consist of thousands of smaller tasks that become difficult to keep track of without the help of tools. 

Sitearound IoT Platform

Sitearound makes construction management easier and more effective through various avenues. First, it categorizes your activities into “features” including Documents, RFI, Submittal, Schedule, and Inspection. with each feature, users can customize a template to govern workflow to meet their organization’s needs. Sitearound lets you develop workflow steps including the adding of assignee(s) for each step. 

Lastly, Sitearound provides an innovative new feature to manage rejection responses of the assignees by higher management. Responses do not have to tracked manually as you can determine beforehand how different activities are processed, by who, how many approvals they need, and to whom or where they go to once approved or rejected. 

IoT Construction

IoT comes with a broad range of products; one common example would be smart homes. Through one’s smartphone, it can easily be known whether the AC or lights are turned on or off, and can be adjusted remotely. Another example would be in industrial environments such as smart farming. IoT devices on farms can inform management of a wide variety of metrics including weather, soil composition, and activity of livestock.

While also being able to connect with various external sensors to receive data for better management, Sitearound is also closely compatible with its partner platform. Sitearound provides more than 200 types of sensors to businesses from power metering for manufacturing to water leak monitoring for department stores and hotels, and many more. This makes Sitearound the only platform provider to offer both software and hardware solutions in the fields of construction management and facility management. 

Sitearound IoT Platform

IoT’s presence is expanding and its economic value in improving business processes for more efficiency and better cost-saving is understated. Businesses that adopt IoT have the advantage of making business decisions backed by data. Being able to view data on a neat interface also allows teams to respond quickly to changes to prevent delay and stick to budgets. IoT, and technology more broadly, are constantly transforming every industry. Solution providers like Sitearound can help in this regard as well as many others. 

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