Predictive Maintenance

Sitearound’s machine learning is capable of determining when a machine will breakdown. Sitearound can provide sets of sensors to collect data and conduct analytics with machine learning to notify engineers when machine maintenance is required. Sitearound also provides an alert of impending failure. Sitearound Predictive Maintenance solution can help detect anomalies and carry out a root cause analysis, preventing production delays and equipment failures.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI Machine Learning to facilitate predictive maintenance. Sitearound enables more efficient use of existing assets by providing the ability to predict machine failures and reduce maintenance issues. Sitearound is also embedded with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) so it can help identify the causes of delays, whether they’re internal or external, and help set up processes to address these causes. Sitearound provides both devices and platform to help you achieve predictive maintenance in one place. We offer a full set of sensors to collect data from fields, and our solutions cover many industrial problems.

Smart Factory and Manufacturing

Sitearound can provide an end-to-end solution to smart factory and manufacturing. Sitearound offers not only our own sensors or new installation but also devices to bridge between existing sensors and Sitearound cloud. In addition, with a full range of 200+ sensor types, you can choose any combinations of sensors to your scope of smart factory. Sitearound Smart Factory solution coverage ranges from a small projects such as environmental.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI for smart factory. Sitearound serves as a traditional automation replacement. Sitearound can provide a constant stream of data from connected operations and production systems to learn and adapt to new demands. In traditional automation, decisions regarding factory automation are based on a linear and rule-based approach, and this does not work well with complex situations and decisions. Through the applications of our AI features in Sitearound , it is possible to combine physical machines and business processes to govern more complex and sophisticated automation and optimization decisions.

Employee Productivity

Sitearound offers two technologies to help you track your employee productivity. The first one is indoor tracking technology. We provide a tracking tag in the forms of card and wristband to the employees keep when working. A tracking node will be then placed at the location you want to find their location. When the employees enter into that area, the system will be able to detect their presence and count a total number of the employees there. With the products that they produce, you can measure their productivity over time.

The second technology is AI camera. Our AI camera can count people within a geo zone frame. What you need to do is to draw a frame in the AI camera setting to cover the zone you plan to measure employee productivity. The system will then count how many employees are in the zone over time and you can then start calculating the employee productivity from there.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI for employee productivity improvement. Sitearound will help connect all your employees with how you measure their productivity. Sitearound provides two main technologies to help track employee productivity. This includes indoor tracking and AI camera. The system can help determine location of the employees, walking route, count a number of the employees within a specific area, etc. Our dashboard will show such data real-time. This also comes with a smart alert to notify you for example when your employees are not the zones they suppose to present, or when the zone is short of employees/operators.

Smart Safety

Safety in a building is a critical issue and requires high attention from facility management team. There are a number of risks to your safety and health all around you. Research reports tens of thousands of injuries or work-related health problems that office workers suffer each year. Slips and trips are the most common office accident. Others include fire safety, indoor air quality, eye strain and ergonomic injuries.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to deliver smart safety in offices. Sitearound provides not only the sensor devices but also platform to achieve the highest safety level. Our solution covers a variety of safety dimensions particularly slips and trips, fire safety, and indoor air quality. What makes Sitearound stands out from others is that the system is embedded with a smart alerting engine allowing users to receive real-time notifications when potential safety concerns arise.

Intelligent Lighting Control

Most of the energy consumption in a building is from a lighting system. To convert a traditional lighting system into a smarter one, intelligent lighting control needs to be built into every luminaire. This system will facilitate monitoring and reacting to occupancy with pre-selected light levels and changes in ambient daylight levels. Smart lighting controls offer an effective way to minimize lighting costs, by turning unneeded lights off, or in some cases, dimming lights.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to facilitate intelligent lighting control. Sitearound provides not only the lighting control devices but also platform to control a lighting system. Our solution covers measuring energy consumption and schedule on-off lightings with a smart alerting system. Sitearound offers a full set of the lighting control devices ranging from 1 lighting unit to multiple lighting units.

Smart Wastewater Management

Wastewater management system is one of the most complex systems in a building when it comes to operation. The system requires a very skillful facility management team to take care of. There are many wastewater parameters that need to be monitored in order to run the system efficiently such as Dissolved Oxygen (DO), turbidity, BOD, COD, etc.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to facilitate smart wastewater management. Sitearound offers a complete set of sensors to measure wastewater quality including DO, turbidity, pH, water level, water leak, electro-magnetic flowmeter sensor, etc to support management of wastewater system. Users can monitor the wastewater quality real-time through Sitearound dashboard and receive alerts when the quality exceeds the thresholds.

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