All-in One Business Management Platform

Sitearound Business has full features for work and collaboration management covering all activities in the organization.


Corporate Management

Easy to use, Make you organization structure in order.

Sitearound Business allows you to divide the business units in your organization. It helps to increase work efficiency by departments, sections or projects. Sitearound Business can improve work collaboration between departments and it can limit user permission both internal and external organization to comply with the PDPA at the same time.

Document Management

Control your document in one place

Sitearound Business serves as your document storage and controller. You are allowed to create folders and sub folders with version control. It also provides a feature to show your weekly new document uploaded. You also can review the document via Sitearound reviewer without downloading the document.


Dynamics Workflow System

Sitearound Business offers a comprehensive approval system covering all kind of workflow. You can create sequential and parallel workflow to suit your business operation. Our workflow can go forward and backward depend on determination. Sitearound Business has developed an online Mark-up system to allow users to make online comments, stamps and e-signature documents to reduce hardcopy workload.


Plan your project in one platform

A task planning system is one of the key features of Sitearound Business where users who have permission to create a plan can create a schedule to follow thier plan with unlimited number of tasks. You can set the start and end dates for each task, assign tasks to related parties, report real-time progress of each task, report expense and so on. With this, It helps people in the project manage thier task easily. Sitearound Business also helps in assessing the risk management.


Assign the tasks better than before

Task feature from Sitearound Business allows you to assign tasks to related people who are in the project. You can create unlimited number of checklists and forms in a task to make the assignments more clear. Moreover, when the dispatcher has submitted their own task to the system, that task will be sent to related people to approve automatically. You can ensure the quality of work, meet the schedule, and reduce the time required to process documents.


Project and work tracking

Sitearound Business provides a task tracking using Kanban to encourage everyone in the team to participate and collaborate thier work. You can create unlimited Kanban Work Spaces and Invite related people to use in each Work Space to share duties and responsibilities in each work card to achieve goals. It helps to reduce any miscommunication and improve work progress.


Following up your meeting in second

Sitearound Business’s meeting feature will help to manage and track any issue of the meeting in all dimensions such as topic of the meeting, meeting attendees, pending issue, conclusion and following up topic for next meeting.