Vaccine & Drug Temperature Monitoring

Hospitals and pharmacies are tasked to ensure proper temperature in the vaccine and drug storage so that vaccines can be ready for distribution. Some vaccines need to be stored in ultra-cold conditions from minus 70 to minus 90 degrees Celsius. Therefore, proper vaccine storage both during distribution and in hospital plays a very important role in maintaining vaccine efficacy. IoT technology can play a vital role in monitoring the temperature of vaccines since users can find their real-time temperature data and take appropriate actions when the temperature is not within the targeted range.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI Machine Learning to help protect the valuable vaccine supply with automated temperature monitoring and alerting. We provide the temperature sensor with a cryogenic temperature probe made of platinum resistance thermometers that can monitor storage units as cold as -328 °F (-200 °C). You will also benefit from our sensor collection to support a wide temperature range either from -50°C to 200 °C or from -200°C to 50 °C, depending on the pharmaceutical storage equipment. With our solution, doctors and admins will know whether the refrigeration units and freezers are working normally to keep the vaccine ready to use. In addition, they will receive real-time alerts by email or mobile push if the temperature within their vaccine and drug storage area is against the pre-configured thresholds.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Tracking

A patient tracking system (also called patient identification system) allows a healthcare provider to log and monitor the progress and status of a person through the provision of care during their stay there. There are many benefits of remote patient monitoring for clinicians including ease of access to patient data, the ability to deliver higher-quality care to more patients with a lower risk of burnout, and so on. IoT technology can help deliver more effective patient tracking especially through a robust indoor tracking technology. The technology will provide immediate or real-time tracking and management of medical equipment, staff and patients within all types of patient care environments.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI to improve remote patient monitoring and tracking. Sitearound solutions include BLE location sensors that are attached to various assets be it a patient, a staff member or a piece of equipment. Utilizing a unique ID, the system can locate the tags and give you real-time information about its positioning within the facility. The basic features of the tags include temperature monitoring and location tracking, while the advanced features include allowing the patient and staff to call for help at the press of a button.

Sitearound also can provide an occupancy sensor to help track whether a patient is on their bed or not. An alert will be sent if the patient is not on the bed to notify a relevant party to take immediate actions.

Job Dispatching

Frontline officers such as nurses and porters play a critical role and supporting operations of a hospital. Especially in a pandemic situation, there is an urgent need to improve job dispatching of such officers to be able to handle overwhelming cases. For example, porter services should move patients more quickly between different departments within the hospital. To do this, the location of each porter need to be identified and IoT technology can help achieve this real-time. In addition, IoT platform will come to replace a traditional dispatching role by a smarter system that can optimize the services and further drive the efficiency.

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI to provide higher visibility on job dispatching of nurses and porters. Sitearound will facilitate a dispatcher to be able to do their job more effectively. With Sitearound, the dispatcher will know exactly when the porters finish their job, where they are, whether they return to a central control or not, etc. Sitearound can then suggest who should be the next porter to get a job based on their location and availability. This will help optimize the porter and nurse services, and improve the service efficiency. Many hospitals using Sitearound job dispatching technology report productivity improvements of 15-20% at least.

Asset Management

Hospital asset management involves managing and maintaining machinery, equipment and physical assets within a hospital in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. An effective asset management healthcare system is an essential application that allows patients to get the right care and treatment, at the right time. Many hospitals and healthcare providers therefore are moving towards a digital asset management process, mainly to admin time. But, also to develop solutions to the challenges of asset management, like effective asset tracking using IoT combined with Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Sitearound Platform

Sitearound is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI to achieve more effective asset management for the healthcare industry. Hospitals can benefit from applying Sitearound Healthcare Solution through a real-time map of all critical mobile assets across their facilities, starting from patient beds and wheelchairs to defibrillators, infusion pumps, ventilators to portable endoscopy equipment. Specifically, Sitearound can provide location data of medical instruments at their fingertips, and staff can swiftly mobilize tools and equipment as required. At the same time, underutilized assets that have been idle for a long time could be effectively pinpointed.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of sensors to help track performance of machine, equipment and assets in the hospital building to ensure that everything is running well to support patient care. Sitearound also comes with a robust asset management tool where you can register all your hospital assets in the system and conduct facility maintenance here. Importantly, there is a built-in integration between the sensor alerts and asset management tool to facilitate condition-based maintenance. For example, if there is any alert from a temperature sensor, a work order from the asset management tool will be sent to a technician.

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